xmake v2.0.1 update!




New features

  • Add task api for running custom tasks
  • Add plugin expansion and provide some builtin plugins
  • Add export ide project plugin(.e.g makefile and will support to export other projects for vs, xcode in feature)
  • Add demo plugin for printing ‘hello xmake’
  • Add make doxygen documents plugin
  • Add macro script plugin
  • Add more modules for developing plugin
  • Add exception using try/catch and simplify grammar for plugin script
  • Add option bindings
  • Show progress when building


  • Rewrite interpreter for xmake.lua
  • More strict syntax detection mechanism
  • More strict api scope for xmake.lua
  • Simplify template development
  • Extend platforms, tools, templates and actions fastly
  • Simplify api and support import modules
  • Remove dependence for gnu make/nmake, no longer need makefile
  • Optimize speed for building and faster x4 than v1.0.4
  • Optimize automatic detection
  • Modify some api name, but be compatible with the old version
  • Optimize merging static library
  • Simplify cross compilation using argument --sdk=xxx
  • Simplify boolean option for command line, .e.g xmake config --xxx=[y|n|yes|no|true|false]
  • Merge iphoneos and iphonesimulator platforms
  • Merge watchos and watchsimulator platformss

Bugs fixed

  • #3: ArchLinux compilation failed
  • #4: Install failed for windows
  • Fix envirnoment variable bug for windows


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