Plugin development of hello xmake


xmake v2.0 has supported the plugin module and we can develop ourself plugin module conveniently.

We can run command xmake -h to look over some builtin plugins of xmake

        l, lua                                 Run the lua script.
        m, macro                               Run the given macro.
           doxygen                             Generate the doxygen document.
           hello                               Hello xmake!
           project                             Create the project file.
  • lua: Run a given lua script.
  • macro: Record and playback some xmake commands repeatly.
  • doxygen:Generate doxygen document automatically.
  • hello: The demo plugin and only print: ‘hello xmake!’
  • project:Generate project file for IDE, only generate makefile now and will generate vs, xcode project in the future

Next we write a simple plugin demo for printing ‘hello xmake!’

    -- define a plugin task 

        -- set the category for showing it in plugin category menu (optional)

        -- the main entry of the plugin
        on_run(function ()

            -- print 'hello xmake!'
            print("hello xmake!")

        -- set the menu options, but we put empty options now.
                        -- usage
                        usage = "xmake hello [options]"

                        -- description
                    ,   description = "Hello xmake!"

                        -- options
                    ,   options = {}

The file tree of this plugin:

     - xmake.lua

Now one of the most simple plugin finished, how was it to be xmake detected it, there are three ways:

  1. Put this plugin directory into xmake/plugins the source codes as the builtin plugin.
  2. Put this plugin directory into ~/.xmake/plugins as the global user plugin.
  3. Put this plugin directory to anywhere and call add_plugindirs("./hello") in xmake.lua as the local project plugin.

Next we run this plugin

    $xmake hello

The results is

    hello xmake!

Finally, we can also run this plugin in the custom scripts of xmake.lua

        -- run this plugin after building target
        after_build(function (target)
            -- import task module

            -- run the plugin task

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