How to configure for compiling

xmake will automatically detect the system environment and create the most appropriate configuration to compile project when building a program

Usually we only need to run:

$ xmake

And it will not re-generate configuration if the project description has not changed.

But we can also modify configuration manually.


We want to build android program on macosx:

$ xmake f -p android --ndk=~/file/android-ndk


$ xmake config --plat=android --ndk=~/file/android-ndk

Next we build it.

$ xmake

We need add argument -c to clear the cached configuration and recheck it when some caching problem occurs

$ xmake f -c

The project configuration was storaged in the following directory:


We can also use the global configuration to simplify our works.


$ xmake global --ndk=~/file/android-ndk


$ xmake g --ndk=~/file/android-ndk

Now we only run the following command to build project without the ndk argument each time. : )

$ xmake f -p android
$ xmake

Lastly,we can run xmake with --help to know more argument usages.

$ xmake f -h
$ xmake g -h


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