The xmake plugin for generating vstudio project file (vs2002 - 2015)

Xmake provide a builtin-plugin for generating VisualStudio project file (vs2002 - 2015) now.


We need enter the project directory first and run the following command if we want to generate vs2013 project.

$ xmake project -k vs2013

It will generate a directory(vs2013) in the current project and the directory structure is similar to:

├── demo
│   └── demo.vcxproj
├── tbox
│   └── tbox.vcxproj
└── tbox.sln

We also modify the other building directory manulally.

$ xmake f -o f:\build
$ xmake project -k vs2015

Or we set the other VisualStudio project directory.

$ xmake project -k vs2008 f:\vsproject

We can also configure some other options before generate VisualStudio project and building it.


Generate the project for building the debug version.

$ xmake f -m debug
$ xmake project -k vs2015

Or Disable some modules and re-generate vs project.

$ xmake f --demo=n --openssl=n --xml=n
$ xmake project -k vs2015

Xmake can also build project directly without the VisualStudio project file.

We need only open cmd windows and run the following command:

$ xmake

Done! :)


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