xmake v2.1.1 released, support golang, dlang and rust languages


New features

  • Add --links, --linkdirs and --includedirs configure arguments
  • Add app2ipa plugin
  • Add dictionary syntax style for xmake.lua
  • Provide smart scanning and building mode without xmake.lua
  • Add set_xmakever api for xmake.lua
  • Add add_frameworks api for objc and swift
  • Support multi-languages extension and add golang, dlang and rust language
  • Add optional target_end, option_end, task_end apis for scope
  • Add golang, dlang and rust project templates


  • Support vs2017 for the project plugin
  • Improve gcc error and warning tips
  • Improve lanuage module
  • Improve print interface, support lua print and format output
  • Automatically scan project files and generate it for building if xmake.lua not exists
  • Modify license to Apache License 2.0
  • Remove some binary tools
  • Remove install.bat script and provide nsis install package
  • Rewrite documents using docute
  • Improve os.run, os.exec, os.cp, os.mv and os.rm interfaces and support wildcard pattern
  • Optimize the output info and add -q|--quiet option
  • Improve makefile generator, uses $(XX) variables for tools and flags

Bugs fixed

  • #41: Fix checker bug for windows
  • #43: Avoid to generate unnecessary .xmake directory
  • Add c++ stl search directories for android
  • Fix compile error for rhel 5.10
  • Fix os.iorun bug


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