xmake v2.1.3 released, improve security and stability


This version provide safer xmake install and xmake uninstall.


New features

  • #65: Add set_default api for target to modify default build and install behavior
  • Allows to run xmake command in project subdirectories, it will find the project root directory automatically
  • Add add_rpathdirs for target and option


  • #61: Provide safer xmake install and xmake uninstall task with administrator permission
  • Provide rpm, deb and osxpkg install package
  • #63: More safer build and install xmake
  • #61: Check run command as root
  • Improve check toolchains and implement delay checking
  • Add user tips when scanning and generating xmake.lua automatically

Bugs fixed

  • Fix error tips for checking xmake min version
  • #60: Fix self-build for macosx and windows
  • #64: Fix compile android armv8-a error
  • #50: Fix only position independent executables issue for android program


xmake is a make-like build utility based on lua.

The project focuses on making development and building easier and provides many features (.e.g package, install, plugin, macro, action, option, task …), so that any developer can quickly pick it up and enjoy the productivity boost when developing and building project.

Simple description


Build project

$ xmake

Run target

$ xmake run console

Debug target

$ xmake run -d console

Support features

  • Tasks
  • Macros
  • Actions
  • Options
  • Plugins
  • Templates

Support platforms

  • Windows (x86, x64, amd64, x86_amd64)
  • Macosx (i386, x86_64)
  • Linux (i386, x86_64, cross-toolchains …)
  • Android (armv5te, armv6, armv7-a, armv8-a, arm64-v8a)
  • iPhoneOS (armv7, armv7s, arm64, i386, x86_64)
  • WatchOS (armv7k, i386)
  • Mingw (i386, x86_64)

Support Languages

  • C/C++
  • Objc/Objc++
  • Swift
  • Assembly
  • Golang
  • Rust
  • Dlang

Builtin Plugins

  • Macros script plugin
  • Run the custom lua script plugin
  • Generate IDE project file plugin(makefile, vs2002 - vs2017 .. )
  • Generate doxygen document plugin
  • Convert .app to .ipa plugin




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