xmake v2.1.5 released, lots of new feature updates

This release introduces a number of new feature updates, as detailed in Some new features of xmake v2.1.5.

If you want to known more usage, please see online documents

Source code: Github, Gitee.

New features

  • #83: Add add_csnippet and add_cxxsnippet into option for detecting some compiler features.
  • #83: Add user extension modules to detect program, libraries and files.
  • Add find_program, find_file, find_library, find_tool and find_package module interfaces.
  • Add net.* and devel.* extension modules
  • Add val() api to get the value of builtin-variable, .e.g val("host"), val("env PATH"), val("shell echo hello") and val("reg HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\\XX;Value")
  • Support to compile the microsoft resource file (.rc)
  • Add has_flags, features and has_features for detect module interfaces.
  • Add option.on_check, option.after_check and option.before_check api
  • Add target.on_load api
  • #132: Add add_frameworkdirs api
  • Add lib.detect.has_xxx and lib.detect.find_xxx apis.
  • Add add_moduledirs api
  • Add includes api instead of add_subdirs and add_subfiles
  • #133: Improve the project plugin to generate compile_commands.json by run xmake project -k compile_commands
  • Add set_pcheader and set_pcxxheader to support the precompiled header, support gcc, clang, msvc
  • Add xmake f -p cross platform and support the custom platform


  • #87: Add includes and links from target deps automatically
  • Improve import to load user extension and global modules
  • #93: Improve xmake lua to run a single line command
  • Improve to print gcc error and warning info
  • Improve print interface to dump table
  • #111: Add --root common option to allow run xmake command as root
  • #113: Privilege manage when running as root, store the root privilege and degrade.
  • Improve xxx_script in xmake.lua to support pattern match, .e.g on_build("iphoneos|arm*", function (target) end)
  • improve builtin-variables to support to get the value envirnoment and registry
  • Improve to detect vstudio sdk and cross toolchains envirnoment
  • #71: Improve to detect compiler and linker from env vars
  • Improve the option detection (cache and multi-jobs) and increase 70% speed
  • #129: Check link deps and cache the target file
  • Support *.asm source files for vs201x project plugin
  • Mark add_bindings and add_rbi€ndings as deprecated
  • Optimize xmake rebuild speed on windows
  • Move core.project.task to core.base.task
  • Move echo and app2ipa plugins to xmake-plugins repo.
  • Add new api set_config_header("config.h", {prefix = ""}) instead of set_config_h and set_config_h_prefix

Bugs fixed

  • Fix try-catch-finally
  • Fix interpreter bug when parsing multi-level subdirs
  • #115: Fix the path problem of the install script get.sh
  • Fix cache bug for import()


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