xmake v2.1.7 released, fix some bugs and improve some details


This release fix some bugs and improve some details. And provide xmake-vscode plugins to integrate vscode editor and xmake.

If you want to known more usage, please see online documents

Source code: Github, Gitee.

New features

  • Add add_imports to bulk import modules for the target, option and package script
  • Add xmake -y/--yes to confirm the user input by default
  • Add xmake l package.manager.install xxx to install software package
  • Add xmake plugin for vscode editor, xmake-vscode
  • Add xmake macro .. to run the last command


  • Support 24bits truecolors for cprint()
  • Support @loader_path and $ORIGIN for add_rpathdirs()
  • Improve set_version("x.x.x", {build = "%Y%m%d%H%M"}) and add build version
  • Move docs directory to xmake-docs repo
  • Improve install and uninstall actions and support DESTDIR and PREFIX envirnoment variables
  • Optimize to detect flags
  • Add COLORTERM=nocolor to disable color output
  • Remove and_bindings and add_rbindings api
  • Disable to output colors code to file
  • Update project templates with tbox
  • Improve lib.detect.find_program interface
  • Enable colors output for windows cmd
  • Add -w|--warning arguments to enable the warnings output

Bugs fixed

  • Fix set_pcxxheader bug
  • #140: Fix os.tmpdir() in fakeroot
  • #142: Fix os.getenv charset bug on windows
  • Fix compile error with spaces path
  • Fix setenv empty value bug


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