xmake v2.3.2, Build as fast as ninja


This version focuses on refactoring and optimization of the internal parallel build mechanism, enabling parallel compilation of source files between multiple targets, and support for parallel links. It also optimizes some internal losses of xmake and fixes some bugs that affect compilation speed. Through testing and comparison, the current overall build speed is basically the same as ninja. Compared to cmake/make, meson/ninja is much faster, because they have an extra step to generate makefile / build.ninja.

In addition, xmake also adds support for the sdcc compilation toolchain for compiling embedded programs such as 51/stm8.

Some optimizations

  1. All source files between multiple targets are built in parallel at the same time (previously, they cannot cross targets, and will be blocked by links in the middle of serialization)
  2. Multiple independent target links can be executed in parallel (previously only one link could be executed)
  3. Fix previous task scheduling bug, more fine-grained scheduling, make full use of CPU core resources
  4. Optimize some losses on xmake’s internal api, this effect is also obvious

For more optimization details, please see: issue #589

Build speed comparison

We did some comparison tests on termux and macOS. The test project is at: xmake-core

For a relatively large number of target projects, the new version of xmake improves its build speed even more.

Multi-task parallel compilation

buildsystem Termux (8core/-j12) buildsystem MacOS (8core/-j12)
xmake 24.890s xmake 12.264s
ninja 25.682s ninja 11.327s
cmake(gen+make) 5.416s+28.473s cmake(gen+make) 1.203s+14.030s
cmake(gen+ninja) 4.458s+24.842s cmake(gen+ninja) 0.988s+11.644s

Single task compilation

buildsystem Termux (-j1) buildsystem MacOS (-j1)
xmake 1m57.707s xmake 39.937s
ninja 1m52.845s ninja 38.995s
cmake(gen+make) 5.416s+2m10.539s cmake(gen+make) 1.203s+41.737s
cmake(gen+ninja) 4.458s+1m54.868s cmake(gen+ninja) 0.988s+38.022s

New features

  • Add powershell theme for powershell terminal
  • Add xmake --dry-run -v to dry run building target and only show verbose build command.
  • #712: Add sdcc platform and support sdcc compiler


  • #589: Improve and optimize build speed, supports parallel compilation and linking across targets
  • Improve the ninja/cmake generator
  • #728: Improve os.cp to support reserve source directory structure
  • #732: Improve find_package to support homebrew/cmake pacakges
  • #695: Improve android abi

Bugs fixed

  • Fix the link errors output issues for msvc
  • #718: Fix download cache bug for package
  • #722: Fix invalid package deps
  • #719: Fix process exit bug
  • #720: Fix compile_commands generator


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