xmake v2.2.3, A lot of new features support


This version is mainly to improve the remote dependency package management, fix a lot of details, and this version can already support the upgrade from my upgrade through xmake update, it will be more convenient to upgrade xmake later.

New features

  • #233: Support windres for mingw platform
  • #239: Add cparser compiler support
  • Add plugin manager xmake plugin --help
  • Add add_syslinks api to add system libraries dependence
  • Add xmake l time xmake [--rebuild] to record compilation time
  • #250: Add xmake f --vs_sdkver=10.0.15063.0 to change windows sdk version
  • Add lib.luajit.ffi and lib.luajit.jit extension modules
  • #263: Add new target kind: object to only compile object files


  • #229: Improve to select toolset for vcproj plugin
  • Improve compilation dependences
  • Support *.xz for extractor
  • #249: revise progress formatting to space-leading three digit percentages
  • #247: Add -D and --diagnosis instead of --backtrace
  • #259: Improve on_build, on_build_file and on_xxx for target and rule
  • #269: Clean up the temporary files at last 30 days
  • Improve remote package manager
  • Support to add packages with only header file
  • Support to modify builtin package links, e.g. add_packages("xxx", {links = {}})

Bugs fixed

  • Fix state inconsistency after failed outage of installation dependency package


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