xmake v2.2.5, More complete package dependency management


This version took more than four months to refactor and improve the package dependency management. The official repository added common packages such as mysql and ffmpeg, and added a lot of features.

New features

  • Add string.serialize and string.deserialize to serialize and deserialize object, function and others.
  • Add xmake g --menu
  • #283: Add target:installdir() and set_installdir() api for target
  • #260: Add add_platformdirs api, we can define custom platforms
  • #310: Add theme feature
  • #318: Add add_installfiles api to target
  • #339: Improve add_requires and find_package to integrate the 3rd package manager
  • #327: Integrate with Conan package manager
  • Add the builtin api find_packages("pcre2", "zlib") to find multiple packages
  • #320: Add template configuration files and replace all variables before building
  • #179: Generate CMakelist.txt file for xmake project plugin
  • #361: Support vs2019 preview
  • #368: Support private, public, interface to improve dependency inheritance like cmake
  • #284: Add passing user configs description for package()
  • #319: Add add_headerfiles to improve to set header files and directories
  • #342: Add some builtin help functions for includes(), e.g. check_cfuncs


  • Improve to switch version and debug mode for the dependent packages
  • #264: Support xmake update dev on windows
  • #293: Add xmake f/g --mingw=xxx configuration option and improve to find_mingw
  • #301: Improve precompiled header file
  • #322: Add option.add_features, option.add_cxxsnippets and option.add_csnippets
  • Remove some deprecated interfaces of xmake 1.x, e.g. add_option_xxx
  • #327: Support conan package manager for lib.detect.find_package
  • Improve lib.detect.find_package and add builtin find_packages("zlib 1.x", "openssl", {xxx = ...}) api
  • Mark set_modes() as deprecated, we use add_rules("mode.debug", "mode.release") instead of it
  • #353: Improve target:set, target:add and add target:del to modify target configuration
  • #356: Add qt_add_static_plugins() api to support static Qt sdk
  • #351: Support yasm for generating vs201x project
  • Improve the remote package manager.

Bugs fixed

  • Fix cannot call set_optimize() to set optimization flags when exists add_rules("mode.release")
  • #289: Fix unarchive gzip file failed on windows
  • #296: Fix option.add_includedirs for cuda
  • #321: Fix find program bug with $PATH envirnoment


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