tbox v1.6.4 update, new c11 style atomic operation!


This version mainly improves stream/stdio read and write, character set encoding and other operations, and reconstructs the entire atomic operation implementation, adding a c11-style atomic api for finer-grained control.

New features

  • #70: Add tb_stream_init_from_sock_ref() to open a given socket as stream
  • Add stdfile api to read/write stdin, stdout and stderr.
  • #81: Add set/get thread/process cpu affinity
  • Add filelock api
  • Add anonymous and named pipe


  • Optimize queue_buffer module
  • Improve stream interfaces
  • Improve charset encoding and add ANSI support
  • Improve atomic and add c11-like atomic apis
  • Improve spinlock
  • Support to redirect process output to pipe
  • Uses virtual memory for coroutine stack
  • Improve openssl/mbedtls for https